What Is A T1 Line

What Is A T1 Line

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What is a T1 line? Originally know as Digital Signal 1 lines (DS1), they were devised by
Bell Labs and are used to send voice and data over the copper telephone network. Back
before private companies had access to T1 lines and fiber optic lines were in use, T1s
were used to connect phone company central offices. The channelized signaling allows
for 24 different channels, each with the capacity to carry 64KB of data or 1 voice line.

The total data capacity for each T1 line is 1.5 MB (mega bits) per second, not a large amount
of bandwidth by today's standards, but still one of the most reliable lines available, since they
are dedicated connections, they provide 1.5 MB up and down, all the time. They also deliver
low latency, packet loss and jitter, that are highly desired for voice and video applications.

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Many companies use integrated T1 lines that have dedicated Internet access, in addition
to voice services, most commonly VOIP. Even if they also have cable Internet service, a
T1 gives them the quality and reliability that they need for business. Cable bandwidth is
good in many areas, but it is a shared connection and can go down without warning.
T1 lines are also used for a new kind of network called MPLS lines. An MPLS T1 has the
ability to send both private network and Internet traffic, this allows for a greater flexibility.

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